Key Issues




Our district requires strong and healthy communities to be successful.

The current congressman for District 24 fights to tear apart a healthcare system that so many depend on and supports ripping apart immigrant families while ignoring their contributions to the DFW community. It’s time we elect someone who will represent community values that we believe in. That means supporting paid family leave and accessible early childhood education, protecting marriage equality, making immigration a safe and accessible process and working towards a healthcare system that can cover all Americans. 

In Congress, I’ll also work with the majority and work to find consensus on:

  • Comprehensive immigration reform and an end to family separation or detention for profit.

  • Protecting public health by making sure all Americans have access to affordable healthcare.

  • Addressing the gun violence epidemic by closing red flag loopholes and laws to safeguard domestic violence survivors.

  • Ending the federal ban on gun violence research.

  • Easing the burden on average families and caregivers by providing enjoy safe, subsidized, affordable childcare and paid family leave.





All Americans deserve a sense of security.

Making people feel secure is about more than rhetoric about a wall at the border. It’s time to elect a congresswoman who will help District 24 avoid natural and man-made disasters in the future.

I saw what natural disasters could do to families and neighborhoods firsthand while working at the Small Business Administration’s Office of Disaster Assistance. All too often, I had to jump the line and go over superior’s heads to make sense of a process where departments were doing double work and not communicating with each other. I demanded the best for my survivors and I’ll do the same for my constituents.

In Congress, I’ll prioritize:

  • Providing oversight and working on regulations to protect your private data.

  • Demanding modern solutions and protections to guard our election process and its systems from foreign and domestic attacks.

  • Putting our district first when it comes to opportunities to lessen our dependence on foreign oil; key to ending our alliance with volatile states and participation in protracted wars.





Our Constitution guarantees equal protection. Equality is an American ideal we all should strive for together.

I have seen how a system of injustice discriminates against my clients and over-incarcerates so many of our fellow Americans. The face of power needs to change and our government needs to reflect these changes. I’ll consider it my job to educate the politicians and lobbies around me in Washington about the realities of American inequality.

Once elected, you can count one me to:

  • Protect the right to vote for all Americans and all other civil rights.

  • Enshrine a right to reproductive healthcare for our women and girls in the laws of our federal government.

  • Legislate equal pay for women workers of America.

  • Guard the rights of all LGBTQ Americans, including employment, healthcare, adoptions and marriages.

  • Get dark money out of politics with real campaign finance reform.

  • Stand with communities of color and migrants against private prisons and outdated federal sentencing requirements.

  • Level the playing field for small businesses by demanding that big corporations pay their fair share.





Our current representative has an ethics problem even as he sits on the Ethics Committee. The American people are tired of this scenario.

During my work with the federal government, I was entrusted with millions of dollars and had to honor the rights of every disaster survivor.

Being paid with tax dollars is serious business and too many in Congress like District 24’s incumbent aren’t earning their paycheck or the public’s trust. If elected, I will spend time with the people we serve and the interests that seek to improve their lives instead of lobbyists intent on undoing the American safety net and regulations meant to keep our communities and environment safe.



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